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Clients share their experience

My lower back would occasionally give me trouble and I lacked flexibility in my shoulders and knees before working with Dr. Lalk. He is very committed and focused on delivering the training I needed. I appreciated how he is a good listener during each session and made sure the exercises I was performing were safe and appropriate. I now have greater stamina and am confident to manage my day at work and at home. I also welcomed how effective my sessions were in improving my physical fitness that enabled me to make full use of my wardrobe for work and leisure activities. He makes sure that you actively participate from started to wasted time. While working with Spencer, I became more toned physically and am now capable and confident in fulfilling my daily walking routine.
Marianella Z.
I am a 72 year old complete paraplegic since 1968 when I suffered a spinal cord injury in an auto accident. In those 52 years I have met and been treated by many rehab professionals. Spencer stands out as one of the more caring and knowledgeable I have worked with. I recently underwent cervical surgery and Spencer was thankfully assigned as my physical therapist after returning home. His unique holistic treatment style included boxing, swimming and a program with light weights and resistance bands to regain the upper body strength that I had lost from the progressive nerve damage and subsequent surgical procedure. Spencer always kept my interests and needs 1st in mind. I understand how one's mobility can change within a second. What I learned is that mobility has a different meaning for everyone. For some they run, some ride their bike, and I use my wheelchair. All serve the same purpose, getting from point A to point B. His work ethic, willingness to learn, and ability to problem solve make him the perfect coach. I am happy to highly recommend Spencer to anyone considering working with him.
David H.
If you are thinking of working with Dr. Lalk don’t hesitate. Sign up. You won’t regret it. I had been suffering from low back pain prior to working with him. I saw continuous improvement in my strength, agility, and overall health both physical and mental. On top of it just being fun to work with, it is clear that he cares. He takes the time to put in the work to ensure our workouts wouldn’t get stale and that I would continue to progress towards my goals. Working with Spencer was truly a blessing. I can proudly say that I have now completed 7 (and counting) Tough Mudders! I grew as an athlete and my family gained you as a friend.
Aaron S.