Work with Dr. Lalk

Do you want to get back to a life of adventure and fun?
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Here are the ways you can work with us...

1-on-1 in Home Visits

Dr. Lalk has a limited number of spots open for in home visits. It's the ultimate convenience to have world class care delivered to your home. Please note that our coverage area changes periodically.

Working From Home?

Check out our Signature Wellness Program! Get access to Dr. Lalk and his signature system designed for remote workers/people working from home. We will help you get out of pain and back to the activities you love.

Injury Recovery Programs

Dr. Lalk provides world class care in musculoskeletal, cardiac, and neurological rehabilitation. Do you have an injury, suffer from aches or pains, or have difficulty moving? Set up a free call to explore your options today!